My Favorite Things for a Chic and Comfortable Travel Style
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My Favorite Things for a Chic and Comfortable Travel Style

I wanted to share some of my tips to create a chic and comfortable style for traveling. I have to admit that it can be difficult to create the perfect suit for traveling, as it is difficult to find the right balance between looking together, but still feeling comfortable. Even if I make a short flight, I still want to feel as comfortable as possible, but still be able to get off the plane and be ready for departure. I have already traveled so much this year that I am certainly familiar with what you should and should not wear during the flight. Keep reading to find out what I need for travel.

Lightweight jacket

I always travel in a light jacket and dress in many layers, because I never know if it will be cold or hot for you during the flight or on landing. In addition, it really helps to save space in your suitcase or hand luggage if you have this thing at hand. I usually choose a blazer, a leather jacket or a casual jacket.

Regular tea or knitting

When it comes to my top, I prefer to wear it as a base with a simple T-shirt or a light knitted top. This ensures that I feel comfortable and not too stressed. I learned that if I put on a beautiful blouse or shirt with buttons at the end, it always gets so wrinkled after a long sitting.

Large bag

I swear by my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags whenever I’m in flight because so much of everything fits in them. The ability to have fun or work productively always makes flying more enjoyable, that’s why I like to keep magazines or books in my bag, but also a laptop or an iPad. It is also great for storing healthy snacks when you are flying a long-haul flight.

Denim jeans

I often travel in jeans, as they are the most comfortable and presentable choice, all I have to do is go to a business meeting. I like that they are so versatile and easy to dress up.


For longer flights, I will replace jeans with black leggings, as they look great at any temperature – and I never feel uncomfortable in them after long hours of sitting. An additional bonus is that a light-knitted top or jacket will make you look less like casual clothes. My favorites are these leather leggings.


Sunglasses are a wonderful way to hide eye fatigue. I usually put mine on as soon as I get off the plane, and sometimes even put them on in flight, as the sun is sometimes very bright.

Comfortable shoes

When traveling, you always have to walk a lot on foot, so it’s safest to choose comfortable shoes. Sneakers are not a problem, but if you need to be somewhere in an important place, low-heeled pumps or booties are also a good choice. If you prefer a stylish apartment, I love slides and espadrilles.

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