Perfect Ways to Wear a Jacket
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Perfect Ways to Wear a Jacket

A jacket is probably one of my most coveted items of clothing. At first it may seem like a simple product, but its versatility makes it infinitely portable. You can just throw it on office trousers or combine it with ripped jeans on the weekend. I like the way he dresses everything and makes the outfit so flawless. I am glad that the power suit is one of the most fashionable things of spring, because it means that we can all wear blazers and feel comfortable. If you want to update this classic look for spring, I would like to share new ways of wearing a jacket, as well as new silhouettes that can beautify you.

Style as a dress

I like to style jackets of large size, like a dress. I prefer to minimize the rest of the outfit by adding simple knee-high boots or sandals with an ankle strap for special occasions. There’s a completely different atmosphere here, but it still looks so chic. If you are taller, you can always wear a jacket as a dress, provided that you wear discreet underwear under it.

Wear with jeans + T-shirt

Here is a combination of outfits that I wear all the time and that never get old. I like how the blazer completely transforms and improves denim in a difficult moment. When the weather gets warmer, you can choose jeans, a denim skirt or even a cut. Adding heels and a spectacular bag allows you to create such an image for lunch or evening.

Try on a suit

Perhaps the most fashionable way to spend spring is to wear a jacket that looks like a suit. For me, a pantsuit is the most classic, but shorts and miniskirts open up new perspectives. This is such a funny and feminine version of the costume, especially in pastel, vichy and tweed tones. In general, costumes are a reasonable investment, since you can style both parts separately and use them to create new outfits.

Belt with leather trousers

Another simple tip that will help you to wear a jacket differently is to belt it. This trick works especially well with silhouettes of boyfriends on golden blazers of the 80s with stronger shoulders. You can even overlap the lapels before you zip them up to make them look super-fitted. Combine this combination with leather trousers and pumps to spend a happy hour.

Put this on the dress

Blazers also allow you to put on your favorite spring dresses early. I love how they add texture and shine to a ruffled or floral number. This is an image that fits everything: from business meetings to shopping and dinner. This look is so easy to personalize for any occasion, and it can even be worn with sneakers as a basic everyday outfit.

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