Splurge Vs Save Chic Spring Dress
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Splurge Vs Save Chic Spring Dress

With the arrival of spring, I am constantly looking for new clothes to replenish my collection. After so many months of living in thick layers and tight knit, I am ready for change. I have always appreciated that dresses save everyone so much preparation time. All you need is to put on a pretty outfit, after which you can complement your image with shoes and accessories. With this in mind, dresses are usually at the top of my shopping list in March and April. I like to rummage around in my closet to see what styles don’t exist so I know where to fill them up. If you need chic spring dresses for Easter, the shower or any other occasion, here are the styles you might want to spend money on instead of saving them…

Where do I spend my money?…

Cocktail dress

This is the first time I am invited to a wedding, so I always want to be prepared for several weddings to which my husband and I can be invited. It actually gives me a reason to spend a little more on cocktail dresses that I can wear throughout the season. If you spend a little more, invest in high-quality things that sit as if soaked and can be a great transition from a wedding to a holiday or happy hour.

Lace dresses (also savings)

It’s a good idea to combine a lace dress together, but it’s even better to combine a lace dress together. Every spring, lace dresses of light and pastel shades attract me. Brands such as Self-Portrait and LOVESHACKFANCY take the top to a completely different level. I’m not oversaturated with them, because they are so unique and well sewn. I know that what I buy has been created for centuries.

Maxi dresses

In the hot months, I like to wear high-waisted maxi dresses for blogger events or even for a date at my favorite restaurant. Since a lot can go wrong with maxi dresses, especially with fit, length and straps, this is another category that I don’t mind investing more in. I usually pay attention to intricate details such as silk, chiffon, intricate embroidery, appliques or unique prints.

Girder skirt

As for the everyday summer dresses that you wear throughout the season, I prefer to save here. At a reasonable price, they can be easily found in stores such as Asos, H&M, Nordstrom and Shopbop.

Knitted dresses or ribbed dresses

I prefer to save not only for flowing floral dresses. I also prefer to choose cheaper knitted dresses. These medium-sized, breathable, tight-fitting dresses and strappy dresses are another of my main clothes for this period. You need something light that you can comfortably wear under a casual jacket or an invisible denim jacket.

Shirt dresses

I like the utilitarian and masculine look of shirt dresses. Despite their casual silhouette, they are so flattering and attractive when combined with feminine things. They can also be used as light outerwear – just do not lock buttons!

Lace dresses (also luxury)

As much as I like high-quality lace dresses, there are also a few styles available that are more suitable for every day. Inexpensive lace dresses are also great for outdoor weddings, brunch with girls or days when you just want to dress up!

Linen dresses

Dresses made of cotton or linen are perfect for the spring and summer season. These little dresses scream fashion on vacation and look great when combined with fashionable accessories, such as a popular straw bag. Now you can find really great laundry facilities that will not ruin the bank!

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