Stylish Alternatives to High Heels Comfort Is Most Important
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Stylish Alternatives to High Heels Comfort Is Most Important

Although I like to wear high heels in spring and summer, there are times when I just give my feet rest. It is simply unrealistic to walk on heels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when exploring new cities and going to other places. I always thought that it was impossible to find a great pair of shoes that would be elegant and comfortable at the same time. But it turns out that ballet flats can add chic to any image – even on weekends or holidays. If you are ready to wear something more comfortable this season, here are stylish alternatives to high heels that you can wear day and night.

Tennis shoes

I rarely spend money on summer shoes, but when I do, it’s usually a pair of high-quality sneakers. My favorite shoes are Chloé and Chanel – and they spin strongly when the temperature rises. I am looking forward to buying them again! If you are looking for affordable styles that are also very cute, I am a fan of Castañer, Sam Edelman, and Soludos.

Sandals with lacing

For many years I still love shoelaces. Usually, they become more comfortable in the spring, when the temperatures become more predictable. It’s such an attractive and fun way to complement any outfit. I love neutral laces because they look great with printed dresses and denim styles.

Flat slippers

If you are looking for a more sophisticated shoe option, you can’t go wrong with sharp flip-flops. They are exquisite, clean and can even be adapted for the office. You can combine them with a midi dress, as well as jeans and a leather jacket.

Slip-On Sandals

The best thing about slide sandals is that I never have to take an extra pair of shoes with me. They are cute and elegant enough to be worn for hours. When I go on vacation or hang out by the pool, slide sandals are definitely my must-have!


If comfort is my top priority, then I choose sneakers without hesitation. Fortunately, the combination of sneakers with dresses is no longer a fashionable mistake – and I like the combination of femininity and sporty style. You know how much I appreciate my Golden Goose sneakers, but any neat style makes the dish perfect and easy in everyday life.

Block heel or “kitten”

If you can not refuse the feminine and attractive look of heels, there are always sandals with low heels and a “kitten” with heels! They are simply more realistic and comfortable to walk due to their graceful heel height. These Chanel pumps are one of my favorite styles!

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