Tips to Dress to Emphasize Your Miniature Figure
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Tips to Dress to Emphasize Your Miniature Figure

I was prone to delicacy (my height is only 5 feet 2 inches tall) and for most of my life I had difficulty finding clothes that fit my figure and flattered me. It was only when I started to dress according to my height and physique that I finally defined my personal style. Since then, I still watch how everything sits on my body, and make notes about the style, what fits and what does not. From abandoning delicate prints to choosing suitable silhouettes, it’s all about maximizing the waist with a few fashionable recommendations. Below I will share my best advice on how to dress to emphasize your fragile figure.

1. Select extension cable

If you have been following me for a while, you have noticed that I wear a lot of clothes on the floor, from down jackets to dresses and trousers. I like to combine these clothes with high heels to create the illusion of length. Remember that the small models are overloaded with floor-length details, so it is important that the hem does not touch the floor and is pulled over it. Softer fabrics are also ideal, as they naturally envelop your body.

2. Prefer silhouettes with a high waist

For little ladies, all these hip hangers lengthen the silhouette and help you define your figure. I usually choose styles that fit snugly to the body and have a higher waist, especially when it comes to stockings and dresses. Products with a high waist always help me look the tallest!

3. Use a monochromatic color palette to your advantage

Compliance with the monochrome color gamut guarantees a long and flawless image. Dark colors such as black, dark blue and gray are great for making you slimmer. But I also like frank and white outfits for a bright spring ensemble. So that a monochrome outfit does not seem boring, play with a smooth cut, proportions and fashionable accessories that will make your outfit expressive and keep it fresh.

4. Avoid bold patterns or something decorated

Although I prefer to wear things that make you feel better, there are a few things that little girls should best avoid in order to look taller. Some of these things are big bold prints that tend to break through the small frame. I love flowers and tropical prints, but I always avoid everything that is too complicated and bold. Vertical stripes also help to add an extra inch or two – unlike horizontal stripes, which expand.

5. Buy the right accessories

Accessories can also play a big role in your outfit. No matter how much I like big bags, they are not the most suitable for my size. The mini and middle pockets are perfect, as they are proportionally closer to my figure. Belts are another accessory that I like. A simple tight waist can instantly make you slimmer. The same applies to simple pumps without heels, that’s why I love my Christian Louboutin so much!

6. Try silhouettes with cutouts

Another of my favorite techniques to emphasize the figure is a higher bottom, especially for tops. They usually give an instant slimming effect, especially in monochrome neutral tones. Tops that converge at the hips or at the front look great with jeans with a high waist or voluminous skirts. Pants with a slightly shortened cut, slightly opening the ankle, also look great when combined with high heels.

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