Way to Walk in Heels
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Way to Walk in Heels

Heels, without a doubt, are an integral part of my wardrobe. And I won’t deny that I wear them almost every day of the week. I just like the classic, refined and attractive look they give to the simplest outfit. Since I’m not very tall, I also like to use heels to increase my height. One of the biggest things that prevents people from dressing in them is that they can be difficult to get into, especially if you’re not used to high heels. I wanted to share some of my time-tested tips for walking in heels. With a little practice and using my tips below, you will be able to confidently walk on a brand new pair of heels in no time!

Make sure that the landing is correct

Before you take off your heels for a walk, make sure they fit correctly! Your shoes should be tight to the touch, but not too tight. If you feel that you are squeezing your toes, then this is a sign that the shoes are too small. You definitely don’t want to take anything with you that will slip off your feet when you pick it up. If your feet have an uncomfortable intermediate size, you can purchase soles with a soft lining so that they fit each other better. One of my tricks to see how well pumps fit is to stretch them slightly at the tip with your hands before trying them on. This is especially well suited for genuine leather shoes as they return to their normal shape. So the height of the heel is very important. If you’re uncomfortable wearing heels, start with a 3-inch pair and work your way up.

Break them down

I often hear people complain about uncomfortable heels. In my experience, discomfort is a sign that shoes need to be broken. This is especially true for designer heels. There are several ways to tuck shoes: from wearing thick socks at home to using a hair dryer to soften the skin. I usually wear mine every day for a limited time until it becomes suitable for my feet. It is also wiser to buy better shoes. I always see a huge difference between my designer heels and fast-fashion heels.

Slow start

If you try to walk in high heels, you will find that you will not be able to take such fast or big steps that you are used to in sneakers or ballet flats. And this is completely normal. Start slowing down and work your way through. Try to walk a little more carefully, slower and take shorter steps. It will be the most natural. When you find your rhythm, you can naturally move faster. The smoothness of movement primarily comes from practice.

Walking from heel to toe

The most natural way to walk in heels is to walk from heel to toe, not from toe to heel or land completely flat. This will help you align the crotch with the shoes and not look awkward.

Imagine a straight line

If you imagine that you are walking in a straight line, you are more likely to stay on an even course. This means that keep your head high and straight and look forward, not at your feet. Be careful to lean back slightly, as this counteracts the tendency to lean forward. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it will help you maintain a good posture.

Wear a pair of flat shoes

There is nothing shameful about taking a break from heels. Often I will have a pair of shoes that I can change if walking in heels becomes too painful. In addition, walking in heels every day is not very convenient. Usually I have a pair of slides or sneakers on hand.

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