Winter Images That You Can Put on in the Spring
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Winter Images That You Can Put on in the Spring

As you may have noticed, I was looking forward to the warmer weather, which explains a current selection of the spring wardrobe in the blog. But in Minnesota it remains quite cool even in early spring. So, while I prefer cheerful colors and prints, it’s more important to focus on practicality when dressing. As I was going through my wardrobe and choosing outfits for the upcoming mint, I realized that there are a couple of winter things that I would probably keep for the first half of the season. Today I wanted to share the winter images that you can wear for spring before packing everything.

1. Flared dress and pants

One of my favorite spring images is a mini dress or a skirt with pumps. And the only way to really emphasize this now is a pair of tights. This season I’m giving up simple monochrome tights and trying out the patterned tights. I want to impress the fashionable logomania on collectors like Gucci and Fendi. These are such stunning tights that will emphasize your style.

2. Neutral sofas

As I am sure you know, I love good monochrome clothes, especially with a flashy coat, so I will continue to wear its variations throughout the season. My passion was the waterfall maxi coat from Pretty Little Thing, which is very affordable for the price. There are so many beautiful colors that go perfectly with a completely white or completely black outfit.

3. Leather jacket and pants

There is nothing better than a great pair of leather pants that will complement any outfit and warm you, whether it’s a real or a real pair of pants. In recent years, I have repeatedly admired these leather pants, I have several pairs of them. I don’t like jokes and flattery, I don’t want to be in a tent on the beach on weekends.

4. Sweater dress and boots above the knee

A sweater dress, combined with boots above the knee, is one of my favorite images, because it always looks chic and is so easy to combine. It looks very nice on a cold spring morning – and you can always change your boots for sneakers or pumps if it gets too hot in the afternoon.

5. Athletics

I like the atmosphere of the effort streetstyle and I think that the use of sports elements makes it easy to create an image. Whenever I want to change my outfit from simple to cool, I wear a pair of shabby sneakers, a hat, a baseball cap or an oversized hoodie. I love how it creates the relaxed atmosphere of the model, even if I have something as luxurious about me as a Balmain blazer.

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